Strategic planning that works:

An innovative approach to ensuring organisations are ahead of the curve.

The Client: Health sector

01.The Challenge:

Agreeing a unified strategic approach for mid to long term planning and a dashboard of relevant metrics for the short term for a Board and executive team with a range of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

02.The Solution:

  • Clarified and defined the roles of the Board and executive in the strategic planning process.
  • Facilitated a series of workshops with the Board and executive working collaboratively to assess external and internal trends through tailored diagnostic tools, boundary scanning and scenario planning.
  • Developed a new vision, values, core capabilities and business model for mid-long term, with a set of prioritised objectives and metrics to evaluate short-mid term progress, using tailored frameworks.

03.The Outcome

  • Clarity of purpose for the whole organisation over short-mid-long term horizons.
  • Practical actions to transform the plan into action.
  • Relevant metrics to focus people on priorities and signal when a change in direction was required.