Building a high potential pipeline:

Customised Development Assessment Centres to identify and develop high potential staff.

The Client: Professional services firm

01.The Challenge:

Identifying potential of individuals for excellent future performance at the next level of seniority in a swiftly changing environment, supplementing technical expertise with leadership capability.

02.The Solution:

  • Designed a series of Development Assessment Centres as a gateway for development needed for each level.
  • Combined realistic future-based scenarios with 360 feedback, using our tested frameworks.
  • Built capability of senior partners to observe, evaluate, devise development plans and provide feedback to participants using our tailored learning technology.

03.The Outcome

  • High potential staff identified at each level and given tailored relevant development plans based on accurate rigorous evaluation, assisting retention, engagement and performance.
  • Significant increase in organisational capability, from participants and also senior partners as objective evaluators and coaches.
  • Clear insight into firm capability strengths and gaps at each level, assisting strategic business planning.