Using our customised diagnostic tools and strategic frameworks we can assess the extent to which our clients’ current strategy aligns with their desired outcomes and industry trends. We can also evaluate the extent to which the organisation’s capability and culture act as catalysts for the successful execution of the strategy.


Our services include:


Assessment of Strategy

Strategic planning


Boundary scanning

Scenario planning

Assessment of Culture

Cultural audit


Values challenge


Diversity & Inclusion Review

Assessment of Capability

Organisational Capability audit


Leadership Capability Assessment


360 degree feedback


Board Review


Organisational Structural Review


Talent Management Review

Clients may choose to do this work through:


  • Facilitated discussions with the Board and/or executive team
  • Facilitated workshops with a sample of staff
  • Structured interviews with key stakeholders
  • Desktop review of relevant documents
  • Independent audit and report from The Academy Network
  • Any combination of the above options


The approach for each assignment is tailored exactly to the requirements of the client.