We can help organisations to design and implement customised innovative approaches and processes to build the organisational capability and culture needed to successfully implement their strategy.


Our services include:


Assessment and Development Centres

Identify and develop potential of talent pipeline, from executives to next generation leaders.

Competency Frameworks

Articulate simple relevant standards to guide recruitment, development and career paths.



Performance Management Frameworks

Relevant and easy to use approaches to evaluating performance and establishing future goals that translate the organisation’s strategy into meaningful individual objectives.

Talent Management Strategies

Integrated approaches to the attraction, retention, engagement and development of high potential staff.

Career Development Frameworks

Clear and engaging alternate career paths through functions, professions and organisations that attract, retain and engage staff.


Work and Role Redesign

Innovative approaches to rethinking traditional job design and organising work in a way that is streamlined, productive and interesting, removing unnecessary duplication and costs.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Practical and transparent processes to ensure a level playing field within organisations.

Culture Change Processes

Practical behaviourally focused approaches to building on the signature strengths of the existing culture and developing new elements needed for the future.

Clients may choose to do this work through:


  • Design from The Academy Network in consultation with the organisation
  • Collaboration between The Academy Network and an internal project team
  • Facilitation and coaching of an internal team by The Academy Network
  • Any combination of the above approaches


Each solution and approach is tailored exactly to the requirements of the client.