Replacing career ladders with career lattices:

Using capability frameworks to offer great opportunities in flat structures.

The Client: Energy sector

01.The Challenge:

Providing interesting and engaging career paths for professionals in a flat structure.

02.The Solution:

  • Facilitated a series of workshops with a sample of staff from different professional groups to identify progressive levels of expertise required in the roles.
  • Developed a succinct capability framework that described the observed behaviours required at each level for different job clusters, using our tailored framework.
  • Developed a career lattice that demonstrated possible paths through job clusters, linked to demonstrated behaviours, knowledge and experience required.

03.The Outcome

  • Clarity of expectations for staff for career development and performance in current roles, assisting retention and engagement.
  • Clarity of expectations for managers, with objective and consistent criteria for recruitment, promotion and performance management.
  • Objective assessment of organisational capability for the executive and Board .