A fresh look at the work of Human Resources:

What must be done and how best to do it.

The Client: Services sector

01.The Challenge:

Developing a new business model for a large HR function in order to deliver more cost-effective service to the organisation.

02.The Solution:

  • Reviewed current structure, roles, services and processes through series of interviews and focus groups with Human Resources staff and their customers, together with a desktop review of relevant documentation, using our diagnostic tools.
  • Prepared a written report with a detailed assessment of current status and recommendations of options.
  • Facilitated workshops with HR staff working through implementation of the selected option, including change management implications and communication to the stakeholders, using our tested frameworks.

03.The Outcome

  • State of the art business model delivering essential services to the organisation at significantly reduced costs.
  • Practical and workable implementation plan.
  • Stakeholders engaged and supportive of the changed approach.